About Ahoka Public School

ASHOKA PUBLIC SCHOOL A Co-educational Senior Secondary School was founded on Year 2007 and is affiliated to central board of secondary Education, New Delhi. The School is being run on modern progressive educational lines with noble methods of teaching. Every child has hidden talents. They are like soft Buds who need to blossom and spread their fragrance all around. Continuous encouragement, opportunities, for self realization and display of inner potential, inspiration by adults and an environment of growth and harmony are factors which help children to develop their talents. ASHOKA PUBLIC SCHOOL Education aims at making children both good and smart. Goodness arises when moral virtues are inculcated in early childhood. The child learns the virtues of sharing, kindness, friendship and unit.....(More)

The Director Desk...
Welcome all of you at beautiful campus of Ashoka Public School, With the fast changing social, political and economical scenario of the country and rapid globalization trade, industry and commerce etc. The country needs well educated man power in large quantity in years to come. The monal educational society comes in the existence with firm resolution contribute towards basic education needs of the nation as a welfare state. It gives immense pleasure to dedicate this humb but well organized school in service of the nation. I am not only confident but also sure that school shall be able to serve the masses by shaping your children into most skilled professionals on the skills and the confidence that these students acquire to counter the challenges and emerge as leaders of 21st century. So, I once again thank all of you for joining us and becoming partners in our Endeavour.