The school runs classes from nursery to twelfth. The student teacher ratio is so maintained that each teacher pays individual attention. All children are supervise by one teacher and a class attendent.  

The Methodology:
The system is to design as to create a comfortable, cheerful and encouraging environment. Step by step structure curriculum is followed which without burdening the child, builts a strong foundation to ably handle the future detailed courses.
Through variuos groups and individual class activities each child is given ample opportunities to enhance the personality traits, to add dimensions to learn, to boost a the reasoning power and stimulate logical thinking ability. Good manners and etiquettes are emphasised upon. Respect for elders and love for peers in incalculate in the children.

Co-Curricular Activities:
Honing the talents of our students from an early stage is what we by providing a space of their own, where they grow. the positive mind said created by the academic curriculum and sports get an added boost with co-curricular activities intermingling with the peers and understanding the value of togatherness is what the school aim to give its students, which is by it concentrates on co-curricular activities as-debate, elocutions, drametics all form apart of the daily routine, helping each students find the performer in hand. they are encourage to set high goals constantly and inprove on their performance and develop a mental makeup to win and excel. A qualified staff is in charge of games, art, music and dance.


Contemporary education is incomplete without grooming the children to the computers savvy. The school has fully functional, well equipped labs. Here children get formal training in latest technologies, children are made conversant with languages. Application programs like MS Word , MS Excel and introducton to Web designing through HTML is explained length in classes.